Editorial Staff and Contributors

Sponsors and Staff

Adams, Victoria – – Co-Sponsor, Website Developer, Content Support, Resource Development
Kozlowski, Beth Ann — Co-Sponsor, Content Provider, Resource Development


Content Providers

Ackerman, Angela (The Marketplace)
Adams, Victoria
Anderson, Daven (The Trade)
Brewer, Stacey (The Edit)
Brown, J.D. (The Marketplace)
Bush, Les (The Studio)
Butcher, A. L. (The Craft)
Carrier, Gregory (The Aides)
Crawford, Meriah (The Craft)
Frank, Edward (The Edit)
Gardner, Dianne (The Trade)
Garrett, Stacy (The Art, Photography)
Gilbert, Clay (The Edit)
Howze, Thaddeus (The Studio)
J & C Wordsmiths (Events)
Jennings, Virginia (The Marketplace)
King, Greta (The Marketplace)
Koepp, Cindy (The Edit/the Format)
Kozlowski, Beth Ann (The Aides)
Lamb, Kristen (The Trade, The Craft, The Format)
Linsdell, Jo (The Marketplace, The Craft)
Little, Rhonda (The Craft)
Mueller, Elizabeth (The Edit)
Nelson, Eri (The Trade)
Ostrom, Matt (The Art)
Seltzer, Jerry (The Art)
Sills, Karen & Kathy (Events)
Simmons, Travis (The Format)
Wells, Peter (The Craft)
Woychik, Chila (The Trade)

Art and Graphics Contributors

Garret, Stacy J. (photography as credited)

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