Those of us in the publishing industry are well aware that a major paradigm shift is in the making. More and more we hear that the big publisher and box store business model is on life support. Neither nimble enough or caring enough to make the leap to the next stage. Let’s sincerely hope that the bookstores at least find the path to the next market shift.

Any time there is a shift of this nature there is an opportunity. Many small presses and self-publishers have sprung up in the market, each trying to find their niche and grab a piece of the reading public’s eye. Chaos reigns. Even with supporting organizations, endless self-publishing and small press options, printers ready and willing to hook up anyone to a marketing plan, and hawkers that are sure they can tell each writer how to get their cherished work on the best sellers’ list; or at least on an Amazon rating. Chaos still reigns. It is the wild wild west out there in the publishing industry of today and it is not all that difficult to get raked over the coals and see a dream go up in smoke. This is equally true for authors and owners of small presses. How do you sort through the dross and find the golden nuggets of opportunity, understanding, and strategy that fit your goals, your needs, and your end game plan?

Two organizations decided to do something about it. Literary Lunes Magazine and PDMI Publishing, LLC have joined forces to co-sponsor a new and innovative journal. The journal, Au Courant Press Journal, is in the process of building its resources and its platform. Au Courant means “in the know” in French, and we intend to make it so.

We have chosen areas of concentration most critical to the author, the publisher, and those who wish to do both. Literary Lunes has developed a solid following and PDMI Publishing LLC (a small traditional press) has been working hard to find a path for small presses in a world still geared to the big press model. Why do we want to share our knowledge? Because we know that by helping to stabilize the industry and the market we will be a player in creating a new publishing model. One that is cost effective, green and meets the varied needs of authors and readers everywhere. Won’t you come join us?

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