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When I first joined Facebook, back in 2007, I joined a number of writers groups many of which seemed to be narrow minded. I’m not saying that all of these groups were mean to those outside their groups, but many were. CreateSpace authors weren’t allowed to hang out with the professionally published authors. Many times authors that made it into a small independent press were also paid little attention. There were also self published authors that were convinced that their way is the only way to go! If you were just a writer with nothing published many times it sounded as though your opinion didn’t really matter.

After all of the finger pointing and nose snubbing towards many of my friends, I finally had enough.

I hunted and hunted for a group that would welcome all writers and authors from all walks of life. I couldn’t find one. I wanted all authors of all types to be welcome. It shouldn’t matter how you were published, you finished something and put it out there for the world to see… THATS BIG! On the flip side, I also wanted the group to serve as a place that writers, those who were still just aspiring to be authors, could still come learn, mix and mingle, and get the support they would need on their way to publication.

At first there were very few rules. I was very lenient- pretty much anything writing related and even promotional was allowed. Now a days, with over 8,000 members, it has become imperative to ask volunteer admins to keep the group clean from what has been deemed ‘spam’. It was a hard transition at first, we even have a sister group that is just for promotion. But now random people can no longer pop in just to share their book advertisements and then disappear. Now, only things that could help other writers are allowed to be posted.

This works in two ways… First, it develops a sense of team work. We will gladly allow you to ask for virtual book tour hosts to help promote your book. Why? Because being a tour host helps promote the host as well as your own work! Second, it keeps all of the senseless promotion out of the thread and helps foster more interaction on the discussion and help oriented posts.

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Many of our members love to research things in the publishing world. Ask them a question! Would you like to know the difference between buying your own ISBN and using the ones that CreateSpace gives you? Maybe you’ve been accepted by a publisher and would like to know how their royalty rate stands up against the industry standard? Maybe you’d like to figure out if you can use song lyrics in your book? Someone in there has always been able to point me in the right direction!

Members of Where Writers and Authors Meet come from all corners of the writing industry. There are publishers, editors, illustrators, cover designers, and even a few that know a thing or two about web design. Need help deciding between two different covers or do you need some friendly people to look over a particularly troublesome excerpt- look no farther. We have even been known to help people critique their about the book or about the author texts! Today, Where Writers and Authors Meet is an awesome group to go to if you are looking for writing or publishing advice. Everyone is more than welcome to come join us; pull up a chair and prepare to be inspired!



Virginia Jennings is a speculative fiction author of two books so far; Visionary From The Stars (published by PDMI Publishing), and The Alien Mind (contracted by PDMI Publishing for a second edition). She is also an illustrator for PDMI Publishing currently working on illustrating her second children’s book through them; the first being Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventures. But that is the boring stuff! Who is Virginia really? Virginia loves putting her creative, bubbly personality to work while helping those she comes across. She loves fixing things and solving little problems here and there. Inspiration can strike at any time! Her favorite moments are the cases where she has to learn something new or come up with a crazy solution in order to fix something Virginia is a speculator, a what if’er, which probably explains her love of The Walking Dead. She enjoys friendly philosophical debates with her husband and analyzing why humans do the things we do. When her husband isn’t available for brain picking she instead turns to debating concepts with her characters in her mind or on her blog. She believes we are capable of so much more than we have even begun to explore. Through her writing, she enjoys trying to figure out what our human potential is and where that could lead. Over all Virginia is just about as real as a person who talks to the voices in her head can get. She even sings along with her favorite local radio station (89.7 WMHK) while driving her kids to school! (Real people do that right?) She also enjoys Doctor Who or Star Trek with her family over dinner, and watching the latest sci-fi, or action movie with her husband. On the weekends, you may even find her at the local comic book store with her kids hunting down yet another Superman comic. Best of all, she loves to meet new people and would love to get to know you as well!

And as founder of one of the largest Writer/Author groups on Facebook:

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