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Word Vs. yWriter5: Which one is better?

By Beth Ann Kozlowski

For decades, I have been using Microsoft Word to write my books and papers. It’s easy to navigate and to format. I am not a fan of change, so you can imagine my reaction when my best friend told me I should try out yWriter5. I protested using it for as long as I could, but then NANONWRIMO came around (National Writing Month for those who don’t know what that means), and I needed a place to organize my latest project. So I thought, “why not give this yWriter5 program a try?” And so, I downloaded it and gave it a shot.

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At first, the program seemed daunting to me, but then once I got over the change (which was fairly quickly), I began to explore it. When you first open the program, it asks you if you want it to automatically check for weekly updates. This is one of those cases I recommend you choose yes. Once you arrive at the main screen, you will see tabs for Scenes, Project Notes, Characters, Locations and Items.

My favorite features are the Characters, Locations and Items. While I do sometimes use the project notes section, I don’t use it often. When you sit down to actually write your book after organizing your notes, yWriter allows you to write by chapters and scenes. You get all these features and more for free from the website which can be found at the end of the article.

As much as I love yWriter5, however, Microsoft Word is my go-to program, for it’s the one I’m the most familiar with. Most people (if not everyone), has used Microsoft Word at some point in their life. It is the program used in most schools, and fairly easy to navigate.

While yWriter5 is free, Microsoft Word is not. The price varies between each version, and can be a few hundred dollars. Microsoft Word can be used to write all kinds of projects and not just books. Unlike yWriter5, you can make flyers, newsletters, calendars, etc. You can also add headers and footers, as well as page numbers. While it isn’t as easy to organize character sheets in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office has another program called OneNote that allows you to do that (which I will cover in a different article).

Both programs are great, and the other feature that I do like about yWriter, is that you can export your work into Microsoft Word.

You can download yWriter5 from the official website found HERE.

You can purchase various versions of Microsoft Word by going to the official Microsoft Office website found HERE.



Beth Ann Kozlowski was born and raised in a small town on Long Island.  Ever since she can remember, Beth has always loved writing and completed her first book at the age of 15.  That was when she knew she wanted to be an author.  It wasn’t until her second year of college while reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that Beth realized that being an author was her dream job.  She writes YA/fantasy books, and is slowly breaking out into the New Adult world.  Beth also writes under the pen names Beth Ann Masarik and Roxanne Daveney. She has several projects in the works, all in the Fantasy genre and all involving different species.  Her favorite species to write about are gods, werewolves, angels and witches.  Beth works part time at a NY law firm as an office clerk, and writes books in her spare time.  In addition to writing, she also runs Literary Lunes, which is dedicated to promoting authors and helping first time authors build their platforms.  Literary Lunes is a co-sponsor of Au Courant Press Journal. More information about Beth can be found on her website at

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