Building a platform in the Brave New World

By: Victoria Adams

Rise of the Machines by Kristen Lamb (Kindle $6.99 and Paperback $12.24)


Finding ways to meet the public, get the word out, and actually sell books, is not all that easy. There are literally hundreds of sites that will help you promote your book, some free, some not so free. The only problem is that many of these sites are operating on a model that 1) does not work for authors and 2) does not take into account the growing consumer disdain for “white noise.” The question is, how does an author build a brand or a platform that reaches out to prospective readers? How do you build a real fan base and avoid becoming a spam queen (or king) in social media? The answer is, in many ways, rather simple. Personal relationships.

This is true whatever marketing avenue you choose be it blogs, author signings, events, interviews, speaking opportunities, or whatever.  You must engage, connect, provide some way for people to know you other than your written word. This is what Kristen teaches in her book, Rise of the Machines.

From the Amazon comments:

This is not a book to teach you 1,000 ways to blast people with advertising. The WANA Way is different than anything you’ve likely encountered. It is constructed using the timelessness of art, blended with the strength of human relationships. Platforms are more than a zillion ways to try to part readers from money; they are living works of art and meshed with the soul of the writer-artist. The machines are rising, but humans were here first.

As a member of the board of a small press, I went in search of a marketing plan that we could initiate and maintain and that we could easily teach our authors. We wanted a concept to drive our marketing vision, not a 12 step program. We found it in the WANA way. Everything we do, even if it is a venue NOT addressed in Kristen’s book, we do with the WANA way in mind. The book is required reading for all of our authors, in fact, we provide them with a copy as soon as they sign the contract.

Here are some of the things Kristen covers:
Who are Connectors, Mavens & Salesmen and how do you find your own
How to tag content
Goal setting – and what to do with it
Getting signed up, where and with what name
Author profile pictures
The Word Cloud – Just who are you
Writing bios for different uses and adjusting length appropriately
Setting up a blog – and what to do with it
How to use Twitter
How to use Facebook
And, well, a lot more.

Kristen provides a lot of research regarding the changing paradigm in the publishing industry and lets her reader know that if he or she wants to succeed in this new market, then it is really important to reach out and connect. It’s a system that works wherever it is applied. What is especially nice is that she makes it fun.




VICTORIA ADAMS is an accountant and financial analyst by profession, but numbers can get numbing. Not in a mood to allow her mind to glaze over, she has always found ways to be creative in her business career by helping in the growth, development or startup of many different kinds of enterprises. That creative spirit extended to many of her leisure activities where she pursued such things as pottery, needlepoint, gardening, and well just about anything that is creative. Her professional background has also made her a perpetual researcher. In this way she developed a deep love of philosophy, religion, history, archeology and anthropology. What she learns she loves to share so she has been a teacher and occasional speaker. For many years her husband tried to get her to share through writing. Now that she has tested the waters with her first book, which ironically was about the first year of learning to live with his dementia, she is ready to reach further and write the things he always wanted to see.

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