Book Signings ~ Out of the Bookstore Box

Marketing yourself and marketing your books is much more time consuming than writing.  In order to be recognized in the sea of newly published works that go to market each year,  getting someone, somewhere to start buying your titles is sometimes a herculean task.  Many authors feel they are not outgoing enough to approach the local bookstore or they feel that the discounts required to sell the books at the signing don’t provide a return on time and expenses.  That last can be debated in another article, but for this one let’s look at some alternatives to the time honored bookstore signing.

Greta King, an author herself, is also an active public relations organizer for her publisher. She looks for venues that are suited to the genre and to the general interests of the author. For instance, schools, reading in the park, family night at restaurants, parades, car shows, races, places where the author can meet people that enjoy the same things. Funny, that sounds a bit like dating!

From Greta:

I have done many book readings and signings since I became a published author. They were all wonderful, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be the one I did this year at Southwestern Elementary School in Patriot, Ohio.

The grades were K through fifth and I read and signed my books for each classroom. I pick this one as my favorite because I had the opportunity to interact with the kids about the book and the story.  They talked about the characters and at the end of each classroom reading, they all walked to the door with me and said goodbye and some even gave me hugs. To me, that is what it is all about. Making kids happy and knowing they enjoy your story.

Greta recently arranged for a Reading in the Park for two fellow authors, Karen and Kathy Sills.  With snacks, story themed crafts and a sunny afternoon, it was hard to see who had more fun.  Want to make a lasting impression about you and your work?  Look for places your characters would go, places where you are comfortable, places where people who may not think of themselves as readers might suddenly discover the magic of discovering the inside of a book!