Book Signings ~ Learning from the Olympics

PromoDay is an event planned and organized by Jo Linsdell every year.  She invites presenters from all aspects of the publishing world to offer webinars viewed by people all over the globe.  Marketing is not the only subject covered.  There are presentations by publishers, editors, illustrators, and social media gurus.  From the event information page:

Thousands of writing and marketing industry professionals from around the world will gather to celebrate PD14, a special online event dedicated to promoting, networking and learning. Industry experts will share actionable ideas and information with tactics and strategies that will help you further your writing career and improve your book marketing efforts.
15 presenters, one whole day of free presentations!​You’ll also benefit from the networking opportunities that will connect you with presenters and attendees from around the globe.No travel required!
You simply attend from the comfort of your own home or office. Register today for this free event.

This webinar was developed by Virginia Jennings, author and illustrator. She shares what she has learned about book signings and how to make them productive.



Virginia Jennings is a speculative fiction author of two books so far; Visionary From The Stars (published by PDMI Publishing), and The Alien Mind (contracted by PDMI Publishing for a second edition). She is also an illustrator for PDMI Publishing currently working on illustrating her second children’s book through them; the first being Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventures. But that is the boring stuff! Who is Virginia really? Virginia loves putting her creative, bubbly personality to work while helping those she comes across. She loves fixing things and solving little problems here and there. Inspiration can strike at any time! Her favorite moments are the cases where she has to learn something new or come up with a crazy solution in order to fix something Virginia is a speculator, a what if’er, which probably explains her love of The Walking Dead. She enjoys friendly philosophical debates with her husband and analyzing why humans do the things we do. When her husband isn’t available for brain picking she instead turns to debating concepts with her characters in her mind or on her blog. She believes we are capable of so much more than we have even begun to explore. Through her writing, she enjoys trying to figure out what our human potential is and where that could lead. Over all Virginia is just about as real as a person who talks to the voices in her head can get. She even sings along with her favorite local radio station (89.7 WMHK) while driving her kids to school! (Real people do that right?) She also enjoys Doctor Who or Star Trek with her family over dinner, and watching the latest sci-fi, or action movie with her husband. On the weekends, you may even find her at the local comic book store with her kids hunting down yet another Superman comic. Best of all, she loves to meet new people and would love to get to know you as well!

And as founder of one of the largest Writer/Author groups on Facebook: