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Getting Press Releases and Interviews

By: Greta King, July 9, 2014

The true question is how you do it. You have written your book. It is published and in your hand. You take a sigh of relief knowing that it is all done now. But the sigh is short lived because your work has just begun. Now you must market your book. No matter what type of publishing company you have chosen, a lot of the responsibility of marketing falls on you.

The first step is a press release in your local Paper. Preferably with a picture and an interview. You can do this on your own. I prefer an in person visit to your local newspaper office. Be sure to research where and when the paper publishes social events, book reviews, or features. Knowing your market will help you achieve your goal.

Courtesy WANA Commons, Lynn Kelley, Author

Courtesy WANA Commons, Lynn Kelley, Author

Don’t be shy, go in with your book in hand. Introduce yourself as an author. Tell them you would like to speak with someone about an interview. They will direct you to the right person. It is smooth sailing from there. Always be polite and show off that wonderful smile.

Be professional. Don’t be afraid to shake their hand. They won’t bite, I promise. Never use the words Ma’am or sir. It lets them have control of the conversation. But let them call you ma’am or sir all they want.

If you feel like your purpose for being there is fading away and they are reluctant to talk about an interview, take control of the conversation. Stress how important a press release is. Talk about how it helps the community to connect with the author and the book. If your book is related in any way to a community event, bring that out. If you have signings scheduled, then mention those.

I like to have a pretty thick date planner on hand so I can open it while I am there and flip through a few pages. Then I let them know if I am “free” on the day they suggested. If they are slow to suggest something, I make a suggestion that fits in with their publishing cycle. You and I know you may not be booked up but they don’t have to know that. Sometimes if you appear to be in such high demand that you need a planner, they will agree to the date you pick.

“Fake it till you make it” was a great thing I learned at a marketing lecture I attended and it works.



Greta King was raised on a farm in Ohio as the youngest of six. Her favorite pastimes are spending time with family and friends, cooking and especially baking. Well known for her special cakes and pies, she also enjoys summer with its camping and fishing but prefers a colder climate. A cabin in the mountains where it snows all year is her ideal place to be.
She enjoys traveling the world to promote her books and encourage children to read. (Her favorite book is Out of Africa by Karen Blixen. She considers it to be a wonderful love story).
A cancer survivor, she insists on living life to its fullest and treasures even the little things in life for they are most important.

Greta spends a good deal of her time helping authors at PDMI Publishing secure signings, press releases, and interviews in print and on radio.


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