A DIY Methodology of an Unorthodox Author?

We asked a totally unorthodox author to give her point of view on what it means to “do it yourself.”

By: Eri Nelson, July 9, 2014

Many of Self-published authors and us Indies are sworn by our oaths of creative freedoms (or just downright tight pocketed enough to understand the need to do it ourselves…*she winks) Being free to express not only covers our writing methods but our presentations.

Everything from font (mines bigger than yours… *she cackles) to gutter sizes must be acknowledged. For even one extra return of the key can have us riddled in frustration. This may sound absurd but I ask you to picture it if you will an over caffeinated author with a very sharp pen in hand ready to leap any work space desk over having just excessively keyed several line spacings accidently and you pretty much have us envisioned (*she wickedly grins).

Courtesy WANA Commons Jenny Kaczorowski

Courtesy WANA Commons
Jenny Kaczorowski

Professionalism is what we aspire to display and for the most part we highlight our best parts. I mean seriously, who is going to see us hunched over our desk just having passed out after an all nighter with drool enflamed posits covering our faces? I mean come on… Compared to how we may really look in person we might all appear to be professional.

A methodology of do-it-yourself is not only time consuming… it is absolutely tasking as to having to master so many venues of each and every book. Many may find criticism in our efforts but alas, until you yourself have mastered the DIY it is easier said than done.
Doing-it-yourself attitudes can be risky but ultimately can prove the most rewarding. You ask any writer to show you their baby and they may actually hesitate to ask if you are referring to their work or kids (*she grins from cheek to cheek mischievously).

All in all the DIY methodology might not be for everyone. However, you must admit that the incredible strides we are making can be impressive. Possibly enough so that you yourself may desire the read and that dear reader is the rub worth the risk of the burn that may follow.


About the Author:

Eri Nelson born Erica Walcott is a Indie Author and the youngest of three in a family of five. Erica became Eri (airy) from her mother who called her that for as long as she could remember. The short take on her name took on a more solid base with the love of her life and husband, Jeff Nelson.

Together they have been for the past twenty years. Within that time they were able to raise one daughter and endless amount of pets.

Writing is a passion for her and an abundance of never ending joy. Only one thing tops that for Eri… and that is when a reader enjoys the read……

Eri Nelson is a nontraditional indie author who manages all areas of her fiction, fantasy, paranormal, action, adventure and sometimes-erotic writing. Eri handles all the groundwork of her books, even the editing. Because of this Eri strives to improve her abilities along with trying to explain to readers her far from traditional sentence structures. However, she will openly admit that typos follow her.

Join Eri and her shadowy side of writing as she takes you along to explore new desire hunger filled worlds where your mind can share in the heat of the read.

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